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To our Instagramfriends from abroad

I thought it was time to talk to you :). As you may have seen on my Instagramaccount it’s all about Instaswap lately (really?). More than 1000 Dutchies (and a few IG-ers from Belgium) already submitted and they can still do so until March 28. But not only the Dutchies are more than welcom, so are you! Let’s make it a “worldwide” experience! Kindness is a language anyone can speak right?

Anyone with an IG account can “play” so why not give it a try! We have people ready and waiting to ship some kindness abroad…..maybe to you? Feel free, don’t hold back….we would love to have you swapping with us.

This website is in Dutch yes…..but if you have any questions please let me know by filling out the contactform. I will give it my best English to explain everything to you! (we will get there even if I have to use hands and feet ;)).

The sky is the limit, let’s go “skyhigh”together!




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